Bee an architect is inspired in the way bees construct their hives. Using the hexagon as the basic shape and dividing it in different ways, we?ve achieved interesting blocks that can raise incredible castles, towers and structures of all kinds.

These wooden blocks are made from waste wood (that otherwise would have been used as firewood) and finished with natural beeswax. The packaging is a resistant canvas bag, that can be used to keep your blocks tidy.

Contains 50 wooden blocks

Inspirados en cómo construyen las abejas, hemos desarrollado unos bloques de construcción basado en el hexágono.  Son partes de hexágono, talladas en madera que de otra manera sería usada para leña. Están acabadas con cera de abeja para asegurarnos que no haya tóxicos en los acabados.

Contiene 50 bloques de madera

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